ECON 2456 Economics of Poverty Reading List
Updated: 2012-04-27

Nota Bene: I will add readings throughout the semester, so please check back weekly. ("Readings" here may mean books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts, etc.)

I will strongly emphasize the required readings below. You are responsible for completing all of these, even if we don't discuss them in class. The choice between the Wolff and Schiller texts is up to you, but you should try to read at least one of them or the equivalent. (The Wolff text is on reserve at the library; the Schiller text is for sale at the Co-Op.)

The remainder of the readings will add depth to your understanding of the material, and you should strive to complete most of them. Some of the more advanced readings (e.g. journal articles) may be beyond your current grasp of economic theory; read these for the general idea, not the details. To access restricted journal articles from off-campus, use the UConn library remote access system.



Review of Key Economic Concepts

Inequality, Poverty, & Mobility: Measurement & Trends

Midterm Exam: 2012-03-01

Global Poverty & Inequality

Identity, Class, & Mobility

Human Capital



Final Exam: 2012-05-01 @ 0800

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