ECON 3461 Organization of Industry Reading List
Updated: 2011-01-11

Nota Bene: I reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the schedule as necessary, so please check back regularly.

I will strongly emphasize the required readings below. You are responsible for completing all of these, even if we don't discuss them in class. The remainder of the readings will add depth to your understanding of the material, but you may not have time to complete them during interession and you are only responsible for them insofar as I discuss them in class. To access restricted journal articles from off-campus, use the UConn library remote access system.

Review & Introduction

Exam #1: 2010-01-03, 12 p.m.

Introduction (continued)

Modern IO: Game Theory & Strategic Behavior

Exam #2: 2010-01-07, aprox. 2:30 p.m.

Modern IO: Oligopoly & Cartels

Additional topics as time permits.

Final Exam: 2010-01-14, 1 p.m.

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